Never Know

“If I die today, how will I know what happens tomorrow?” She asks me.
“I don’t want to go, I want to know about the future and so,
will you visit me and tell me everyday
about what the new unknown has got to say
I wont be there, but I want to be
its like the end of a film, and there is no ending
Did they end up together? I will never know, like I will never know how the world will continue to grow,
because I wont be in it to experience with my foe
I don’t want to go, will i ever come back, i guess thats one thing ill know, that you wont.”
And she doesn’t come back.

This is what I wrote in response to a thought I had. I was thinking about how annoying it is for chapters, books, tv shows and movies to end on cliff-hanging and ultra-dramatic moments. Although most of the time we just read the next book or watch the sequel to find out what happens next, but what happens when you don’t ever find out what happens next? What happens if our planet was contacted by life out in space today and I died tomorrow. I will never know the cool changes that could possibly happen in out world. So now, I come to the conclusion, that we are currently experience cool things that people after us will never be able to experience, so lets take advantage of what we have now and I need to stop being jealous of the future. I’m so weird.


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