BITTEN: By the travel bug

My desire to travel has never been as strong as it is right now. I have this craving, starvation, yearning to just go to the strangest place, a place were ill get sooo lost- it will generate electricity within my veins.

I visualise myself in a thick navy blue winter coat, in the middle of snow, struggling to breathe, but happy… like I have achieved something or discovered something new, or possibly, an experience to call my own.

I would say my goal in life is to one day, tell the most intriguing, unbelievable stories to anyone who’d listen.

Maybe it’s the young scout girl inside of me busting to come out, or my boredom of my mundane life. My life is just way to predictable, and I miss the rush of doing something spontaneous and crazy, like last week when I went road tripping with my close friend Ashley. I miss adventure. I miss the rush you get when you do something out of the ordinary, but most of all, I miss my  s e a r c h  s e e k i n g  s e l f . I need to get away soon, otherwise I may break. Wonderlust is a stubborn thing, which doesn’t ever truly go away; so I’m going to accept it now, that i’m never going to get over the itch of discovery. It may heal, but it always leaves behind a mark.

~ An Itchy Zerah ~

[Side story: After my Scout green cord hike when i was 14 years old, my patrol followed a wombat trail off a path way and it ended up leading us to a small cliff that we tried climbing down, but ended up dramatically holding onto tree roots to save our young lives! After we survived that little life threatening moment, we all laughed and cleaned our scratches up. After the hike I didn’t want my scratches to heal, because I didn’t want the memory of the adventure to fade away. I guess travel has always been in my bones, and always will be.]

Are you bitten by the travel bug? I’d love to know 🙂

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