The One That COULD HAVE Got Away

It’s not everyday you meet someone so gorgeous and actually normal, and perhaps someone who matches the same enthusiasm for life as you… and that just overwhelms you like how this sentence is overwhelming you right now… and you just back away, because it’s  t o o  m u c h .  Then you picture your future together and the cute things he will do for you and how perfect your first date will be and how you guys will travel the world and be together forever(!).

Slow down Zee, you don’t even have this kids  n u m b e r . Oops, critical to this pre-determined future you just created in the space of two minutes after meeting this cute guy.

It was the one thing I was too scared to do. I mean we couldn’t stop staring at each other the whole evening but both of us didn’t have the courage to ask for one another’s number. How un-opportunistic. I feel like I will never have that perfect moment ever again and I blew my one and only hope for a happily ever after.

How would have I’d known if things had worked between us? Or not? I would never know because I wasn’t brave enough to take the initiative, and now I am living in the ‘could have’ ‘should have’ regrets world. Will I ever get over what could have been or not been with this perfectly cute guy? Not for a while, and thats for sure :/

Take my advise and give that cute guy your number, you’re probably so hot that he’s to shy to ask for yours himself.

Do it, or be in regrets-land like me.

#inlovewithastranger #whatiftheonethatgotawaycameback?


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